sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009


I was invited to make an illustration for the exposition "Crimenes Ejemplares" in "El colectivo café" this last june. It was my first exposition ever and it was a great experience to see so many people watching around. There were like 30 artist giving their own versions from a book with the same name of the exposition ("Crimenes Ejemplares"). The book is about an enormous number of silly crimes, such as "I kill him because he burned me with his cigarette" or "i killed him because he owed me 20 bucks" or incredibly stupid things like that. In my case, the story about a barber who couldn't stand the acne on his costumers's face, so he cut his head off... kind of creepy but very fun too.

I'd like to thank Yoliztly Ruiz who invited me and to all the crew of BATALLON who got involved in such a fun project.
(pictures by Polo Aguilar)

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